Day 30 of Juneathon: Mission accomplished

I did it! I can’t believe I’ve actually completed Juneathon!

I ran to Weight Watchers and back again this morning, the long way round and did my longest ever run of 9.4km. I lost 2 pounds at Weight Watchers too!

I had the best reception when I got home. William had got me a card, a banner and Buck’s Fizz. Delicious!

What with the baseball yesterday and my long run this morning I’m aching so much and I feel SO tired. We were suppose to go for dinner tonight but we’ve cancelled our booking and instead we’re going to relax on the soda with a curry and ice cream!

My friend from running club has just come round with homemade banoffee pie. I have the greatest friends in the world!

Well I am now the proud owner of a running watch and so I will be continuing with the running and I hope to be able to run 10k by the end of July.

Although I haven’t made my original target of 100k I was pretty close with 91.6km. That’s nearly 57 miles!

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement this last 30 days.

Over and out







Day 28 and Day 29 of Juneathon: fun fun fun

Well what a couple of days…….I ended up being in Shoreditch and Clerkenwell County Court all day yesterday and just about made it back for my firms 30th birthday/summer party last night.

Given how busy I was yesterday I didn’t get the tube back and instead power walked which was difficult in a suit!

What a fantastic night had by all last night. I wasn’t going to drink but decided I would upon five minutes of being there!

With a bit of a sore head I was nevertheless out running this morning. It’s difficult when your sleep deprived after getting in at 3am and dehydrated! After my 2.4km run this morning it was off to our annual family baseball match on Blackheath. What a fantastic day as always and what fantastic weather! Didn’t cross my mind to consider sun cream today. Big mistake, huge (pretty woman quote moment!).

Well as I complete my penultimate day of Juneathon I have a feeling many of us from today will be getting up tomorrow with sore limbs and sun burn.

Distance run today: 4km

Distance run during Juneathon: 82.4km














Juneathon Day 27: Electric blue

Well yesterday I had an alien encounter at work and today I encountered someone at court in an electric blue PVC suit……nice!

Such a busy day again today as I don’t get back to the office until 4ish and then I worked until gone 8 again.

I really enjoyed my run again tonight despite the fact that the front of legs are hurting the most they have ever hurt. Surprisingly they hurt far more doing every day moving around then they do running. I think I got a few strange looks at Court today when I winced every time I stood up!

I really can’t believe I’ve come this far in Juneathon. Probably my biggest achievement exercise-wise.

Well another busy day tomorrow which is going to involve walking as opposed to running………watch this space!

Distance run today: 2.7 km

Distance run during Juneathon: 78.4 km

Juneathon:Day 26: Keeley 2 runs

Well today I think was my busiest day at MW to date. I am in court tomorrow getting an emergency injunction for someone and then I’m in court again Friday and Monday so busy busy busy. Can’t complain though! Even my poor secretary stayed late tonight. We were so late that I missed running club at Bluewater……. Gutted. I know it sounds stupid but I really missed it. I didn’t leave work until 8ish and so given I’d missed running club and I had my running stuff with me I got changed and ran to my car (the long way around). This was only 1.5 km. I then drove my car to the office picked up my handbag and case papers for tomorrows hearing and then drove home. There were then road closures on my usual route so I got diverted! Although it was a pain i did manage a quick photo opportunity while in the traffic!

I felt so guilty when I got home that I’d only done a short run, I parked my car and then went out again! Commitment or what! I felt great tonight, the best ive felt since the weekend in fact. The early night last night certainly did me some good.

Well tomorrow night I have a seminar and given I’ve got to be in Croydon County Court early I think it’s going to be a late run for me tomorrow night! Let’s hope I feel as good!

Distance run today: 2.9

Distance run during Juneathon: 75.7 km


Juneathon Day 25: motivation

Well I’m still suffering with such bad fatigue so much so that I’m in bed already at 9:30pm,which is unusual for me! I’m really struggling running this week. I hurt and I’m finding it really difficult and I’m much slower than other weeks. I’m hoping an early night may rectify this.

My husband is a huge motivational factor in my life and it was lovely to wake up this morning to this lovely message in our kitchen.

Today I worked at a free legal advice centre in Croydon for victims of domestic violence. Some sad cases……… Really does make you wake up and stop whining about the little things in life. On the bright side I got home a bit earlier than normal and it was nice running early evening. I must admit I chickened out going the route which included any bridges tonight, but nonetheless I was happy with 3km. Dirty dancing on the iPod this evening was great at keeping me going……..

I’m going out to buy a running watch on the weekend so any recommendations would be appreciated!

Distance ran today: 3km

Distance run during Juneathon:75.8


Day 24 of Juneathon: burning legs

Well today my legs hurt like never before. Burning hurt!

I collected Will from the station and he dropped me out the car at a petrol station in Dartford and I ran home. I ran down the danger zone again today! I must stop running this route. There isn’t a proper pavement and I don’t think that’s too good on the legs.

I was happy with a 2.7km run today.

I finished the evening watching the man with 10 stone testicles and then some lunatic walking across the Grand Canyon on a wire without a harness…… Madness!

Distance run today: 2.7km

Distance run during Juneathon:72.8km

Day 24 of Juneathon: longest distance yet

Well this morning was “The bridge triathlon” and so this meant that some of the development was closed. As I needed to be at work at Weight Watchers for 9am and in the hope of losing weight I thought I’d run to Weight Watchers. It was a success albeit that my app stopped again! I had no idea how far I’d run and so I decided to run back! It transpires it is 4.4km each way and so that means I’ve done my longest distance to date and the longest I’ve ever run of over 8km! Oh and I loss 2 and a half pounds.

This afternoon we headed to Bluewater for dinner and to catch the New Superman film which is excellent, highly recommend it. I bet superman had to run further than 8km to get that body!

Distance ran today: 8.8 km

Distance run during Juneathon today: 70.1km